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What Do We Do

SAHCC is a legacy driven organization committed to helping the next generation of children and young adults to obtain a transformational education. For ten years, SAHCC has upheld the pillars of college scholarships, student mentoring, mini-grants for education and cultural enrichment to build a strong and enduring legacy in the communities surrounding Solivita.


Our Pillars...


SAHCC has pillars that we feel best represent who we are, what we stand for now and in the many years to come of leaving our legacy. Each pillar is a fundamental precept and integral part of SAHCC, supporting its purpose and mission.


College Scholarships

Providing scholarships to help local students obtain a college education and realize their potential is the primary reason SAHCC was formed.  The Club’s founders realized that since our future lies in the hands of our children and grandchildren, their nurturing and education should be our highest priorities. In our contemporary society, a well-rounded education that includes college is vital to a child's future success. Education can be transformational in the life of a young person. It can empower a child to not only reach his/her life goals and dreams, but also to be a change agent and/or role model for others in their communities. Most importantly, education expands a child's mind. The more educational opportunities a child is exposed to, the more knowledge and skills he/she will obtain. However, many national statistics reveal that many of our children never make it to college; and of those that do, many fail to graduate. One of the biggest obstacles to a college education is financial support, which can be partially addressed through scholarships.

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Mini Grants for Education

Mini-Grants for Education are designed to support elementary and middle schools in Osceola and Polk County communities such as Chestnut Elementary. Grants of up to $250 for school and classroom projects ranging from field trips to literacy efforts to incentives for student performance will be awarded each school year. Each school applicant may receive one mini-grant award per school year. 
Small grants are great opportunities to fund classroom projects and other school needs.

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African Heritage and Cultural Enrichment

The forth pillar in SAHCC’s legacy to future generations is cultural enhancement. Learning about African heritage and culture can be an effective tool in the educational success and development of children and young adults. SAHCC believes that it is in the best interest of our children and grandchildren to help them to acknowledge and respect their African heritage. As persons of African descent, there is a great potential to draw inspiration and guidance from the past. Through that inspiration, young people will find tools and paths that will assist them live their lives to their full potential.  Empirical evidence shows that when African American parents instill a proud, informed perspective of race in their sons and daughters, these children are more likely to experience increased academic success. In other words, teaching kids, especially African American children, to take pride in their culture is an integral part of their academic success.

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At Solivita African Heritage Cultural Club Educational Fund, Inc., we believe that a little help can go a very long way. Get in touch with us and see how you can be a part of our community of givers!

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