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College Scholarships

Providing scholarships to help local students obtain a college education and realize their potential is the primary reason SAHCC was formed.  The Club’s founders realized that since our future lies in the hands of our children and grandchildren, their nurturing and education should be our highest priorities. In our contemporary society, a well-rounded education that includes college is vital to a child's future success. Education can be transformational in the life of a young person. It can empower a child to not only reach his/her life goals and dreams, but also to be a change agent and/or role model for others in their communities. Most importantly, education expands a child's mind. The more educational opportunities a child is exposed to, the more knowledge and skills he/she will obtain. However, many national statistics reveal that many of our children never make it to college; and of those that do, many fail to graduate. One of the biggest obstacles to a college education is financial support, which can be partially addressed through scholarships.

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