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The First 10 Years SAHCCEFI 2006-2015 Mission Impact Report

The Solivita African Heritage and Culture Club (SAHCC) Educational Fund Inc. is proud to be connected to Solivita and the surrounding communities in Polk and Oseola Counties. We are also honored to serve the educational needs of local students, and are committed to higher education as a way to empower them and improve the quality of life in our communities. We work directly with students, parents and schools to help young people fulfill their college dreams. Since 2006 and for the past ten years, we have distributed $59,000 in financial aid to twenty students to help them achieve those dreams. This Mission Impact Report illuminates SHACC’s scholarship program and the positive educational outcomes that result from our long-standing efforts and partnerships with students and schools. SAHCC believes it is essential to voluntarily and proactively report on the benefits it provides to ensure that community members will gain a better appreciation of its work and community benefit. With a continuing focus on serving those most in need, SAHCC looks forward to its next ten years of mobilizing AHCC members and other Solivita residents, through scholarships and educational support, to make post secondary success achievable for as many young adults as possible.



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