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SAHCC History - 2015

The Solivita African Heritage Cultural Club Educational Fund, Inc.

(SAHCCEFI) began as an African Heritage Cultural Club (AHCC) Committee in 2006 and evolved into an independent and state approved non-profit tax-exempt organization in 2008. SAHCCEFI’S mission has been to promote, advocate, educate and implement programs affecting persons of African descent. Since its beginning in 2006, SAHCCEFI’s primary focus has been on providing local high school graduates with college scholarships to help them obtain a transformational education. Toward that end and as of the Spring 2020, the Club has mobilized our community to raise more than $159,000 to help 46 of our brightest students not just to attend college, but thrive, graduate and become leaders. That assistance has included an initial $2,000 scholarship and three (3) subsequent $500 Book Awards per student, totaling $3,500 per student. Each student was also assigned a Mentor, to provide him or her with guidance and counsel during the college experience. In addition to the financial aid and mentoring support, SAHCCEFI has managed to provide mini grants to an adopted local elementary school and cultural enrichment programs for the community.

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